Friday, December 21, 2007

Home, and second biopsy...

We got home with no problem today ~ it was gorgeous out, actually. However, since we've gotten home, I've gone into a bit of a depression. I think it is seeing Dunc in all his familiar places, being his usual "kookie-dog" self... but knowing...

Plus, we heard from the doc at WSU... the second biopsy specimen was non-definitive, too. Which means they have to biopsy him again before they can start the radiation. SHIT!

That also means we may have to stay in Pullman for a couple more days next week ~

One thing I want to mention... how VERY impressed I was by every single person we encountered at WSU. From the ladies at the admissions desk, to the vet students and docs ~ they were ALL wonderful!! Would that human hospitals were so friendly!
Every single person introduced themselves, explained what they were doing and why, always asked if we had any questions... and were more than willing to repeat themselves when our stress-filled brains forgot things.
In short, they did everything I tried to do as a nurse to help families thru stressful times. If I was half as good at it as they are...

A bit more about the radiation therapy... here after known as rad tx. ~
Most of you who know me, know that I do NOT advocate keeping patients with end stage disease alive. (Me, who is going to get "DNR" tattooed on her chest!!)
But ~ I DO want Dunc to have the rad tx. IF his tumor is one that is responsive to it. If it will alleviate the seizures, and the sneezing, and if it will postpone the onset of blindness, paralysis, mental changes and any pain ~ I want it done. But ~ at the first sign of pain, or any other uncomfortable (for him) symptoms, that will be it.
Yes, it will destroy a part of me to have to say "This is where it ends", but it would hurt both me and him more to let it continue past that point. There is no way I could do that to him!

One last thing for tonight... I want to send TREMENDOUS hugs to all my friends at SG. I've had SOOO many messages of hope and love and consolation and prayers and good wishes from so many of them ~ I am truly blessed in having their support! Strange as it may seem, their 'cyber' support has helped SO much! And I know they will stay with me through whatever may come ~ and I am eternally grateful for them!

Now I'm off to sleep in my own bed, with my sweet baby boy at my feet ~ this is paradise for me.


Kylie said...

LOL @ DNR on your chest - I'll have to consider that myself. It sounds like you're being pragmatic about this Bobbie - I hope for both you and Duncan that the radiation therapy helps. Kia kaha!

ladynurse4 said...

just wanted to say hi and was thinking good thoughts for you and duncan. hope you have as many wonderful days together as possible. Your love for duncan is obvious in how you speak of him. He is a lucky dog to have you for his momma.

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