Tuesday, December 4, 2007

open house and my annual "I hate Xmas" mood...

Gorgeous day today!! We were even able to open the house up all afternoon, as temps were almost 60!! All the snow has melted, and we have weeds growing ~ the seeds must have been insulated by the snow! Sheesh!!!

The realtor's open house went much better today... 8 cards... Unfortunately, sometime during the 2 hours we were gone, Sam decided he was still sick, and both puked and had diarrhea while we were away!! We can only hope it was after everyone was gone! Poor baby... and the stress of having all those strangers in 'his' house probably didn't help! From now on, he goes out in the garage if we're showing the house!! (Thank hevvins it's insulated!)

The OR coast got slammed Sun/Mon with one heck-of-a storm ~ Lincoln City (45 min from where 'our' house is) had a gust of 124 MPH!!!!! Do we really want to move there??? YES!!!!!! I'll take hurricane force winds over Yuck-ima any day!!!

Yup ~ it's official... I've been infected with my annual "I hate Xmas" mood... We walked in to Freddie's (Fred Myers) today, and were assaulted by the blaring, crappy sounding Xmas music! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But I was a good girl and didn't go charging to the managers office to complain. Jim had to check me for signs of life LOL!!!

Now don't get me wrong ~ I love some Xmas music!! But I sure as hell don't want it blared at me from every single store I walk into from T-Day till 12/26!!

One of the girls on the SG MB asked a series of Xmas questions... the last of which was "What annoys you about the season?" My immediate response was "What DOESN'T annoy me about the season??? or some thing like that... BRB,,,


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