Thursday, January 24, 2008

Demon printers, greedy companies, and a clean fluffy dog!

So the last two nights, while innocently trying to do some scrapbook journaling, I've been violently attacked by my demented, satanic, psychotic, evil @$#%&*# printer...

The demonic gods that inhabit it have eaten not one, but TWO pieces of unique vellum that I was trying to journal on!! And this is after multiple tests with perfect results BEFORE I ran the precious sheets through!

What have I done to tick off the insatiable printer gods?!?!?! Should I offer an arm, a leg, my eye teeth, in supplication?? If I had nuts, I'd offer them up!!!


But now my blood pressure has come down from the life-threatening level it had reached, and the multiple sedatives have kicked in, so instead of hurling my POS printer into the street to shatter into thousands of pieces, I shall forge ahead...

I know the husband and poor little Duncan are glad I've finally stopped screaming!

Moving on...
(alas, to more rage-inducing items...)

I saw this morning that Exxon was due to post it's biggest profit making margin ever...
Gee, that just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy all over!! I mean, it would just be SOOOO tragic if all those already-over-paid execs, who have contaminated so much pristine enviroment, had to endure reduced earnings from the blood of the land! Sob, sob, sob...
(and that DON'T stand for crying!!!)

OK ~ now, so you don't worry about me sinking completely into the depths of despair...
I took Duncan Doodle O in for his first bath/grooming in ages this morning. True to her word, Christie did him first, so I was only without him for about 2 hours! He looks so much better now ~ staying at the hospital,and the rad tx. had done nothing for his coat! We took some pix when he came home, and one of these days, I promise I'll learn how to post pix here!!
His right eye is still pretty goopy (that's where they were shooting the radiation into), and he's still having to wear the E-collar to keep him from trying to scratch at it, but WSU did say it would take 2-3 weeks to clear up. Natch, that's not fast enough for me!!

He starts chemo on 2/5 ~ I'm hoping we can start weaning him off the Phenobarbital then, too. While he is nowhere near as stoned as he was from the PB, there are still occasional little stumbles and moments of confusion.

But thru it all, he still remains my sweet baby boy!! Since we know it hurts him to jump up in my lap now, we've been 'assisting' him up into my chair every morning after his breakfast ~ and he will stay up there with me for hours!

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole"


Auntie Em said...

HEHEHE!!! Funny about the printer, hope it's working now. If you want to post a pic here, give me a yell and I'll walk ya through it. I actually have a few on mine now!

Oh, and cuz

You're tagged! Go see my blog.

tee said...

Sorry about the Vellum
Really glad to hear about Duncan . Hope you can post some pics later. :)T

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