Thursday, January 17, 2008

Duncan is HOME!!!

They did the abdominal ultrasound (AUS) ~ they were looking for enlarged lymph nodes... They found nothing of interest except for 1 slide (out of 5) from his spleen that showed an increased number of lymphoblasts ~ which could be completely normal. So it looks like there is not much, if any, spread to his lymph nodes...


That is absolutely the best news we could have possibly rec'd!!!

Still no seizures, even on the sub-theraputic dose of Pheno, so we will make no changes there. If he's still had no seizures in a month or so, we will take him off the PB.

Chemo will start in 3 weeks... it will last a total of 25 weeks, but he will not be recv'ing doses every week. ~ they break it up.

He is showing some side affects from the rad. tx. ~ a bit of eye irritation in that R eye, for which he is getting ABX BID (totally normal, since the tumor is so close to the eye); also a bit of R sided gum irritation, which is easily treatable if it begins to affect his appetite.

The lymphoma turned out to be T cell ~ this is not as responsive to chemo as B cell would be, but because it was caught so early, they think the rad. tx. will really help. The word "CURE' was used, rather than just "remission"...

We shall see ~ any single moment we have with him now is a joy and blessing!!!

To give you some idea of how sweet Duncan is, before Dr. Fidel came to meet us, a student we had never seen before walked thru the lobby ~ she said "Oh, that's Duncan!" I said "Does everyone around here know Duncan??" ~ she said "Just about!" Seems he attracted a lot of attention when he was taken for his walkies!!!

So when we got home today, he had a wonderful reunion with his Sam-Cat... a very long nose-to-nose sniff. But Sam is a bit freaked by Dunky's Elizabethan collar ~ Sam just doesn't know what to make of it! Dunc seems to have no problem with it ~ except near walls!!

Tomorrow, I will figure out how to post pix here...


Unknown said...

So happy for you guys! YAY DUNCAN!

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