Friday, January 4, 2008

Got Duncan???

I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We picked up my sweet baby boy just after 4 today... and he is NOT the pathetic, forlorn, limping, woozy dog we left here a week and a half ago!

He is trotting along briskly, head and tail high, no sign of a limp, little butt a-bobbing, prancing around & whining for dinner and carrot snacks!! Yessir, that's my baby!!

We met with Clare (his 4th year student; more on her later)and the head of the oncology dept., Dr. F. Dr. F. said that if you had to pick a cancer for your dog, LSA is THE one to get... it responds VERY well to the radiation/chemo combo; possibly even a complete cure, because we caught it so early! So while nothing is set in stone, we are both much relieved and very happy. The future seems to not look as bleak as we had been thinking.

Clare is wonderful! Funny, smart, very straight-forward, with some great tats! She gets this picky nurse's stamp of approval!!! There is also Japanese foreign exchange vet student that has been working with Dunc all along ~ Joon has clearly fallen in love with Dunc; I think she takes him for most of his walks, and gives him his beloved carrots as often as she can. Her command of English is still a bit rough, but it is so sweet to see her with Dunc!
We also got to see Emily before we brought Dunc back to the room here... She couldn't stop petting him, and gave both of us hugs.

One thing I forgot to mention the other day... one evening we got a phone call from Kim, who was one of the 4th yr. students on the neuro service that worked with Dunc last time we were here. He was just calling to see how we were doing, and how Dunc was doing (he is on a completely different service now). I was totally and completely blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I talked to my SG pal Tina this afternoon; we're going to meet tomorrow for some retail therapy and lunch... she will get to meet Duncan, and I'll get to meet her Yorkie Magoo... I can't wait! Tina always makes me laugh, and we do share certain crazy qualities... :-)))

As always, thanks to all for your hugs and love and good thoughts ~
Duncan's mom


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