Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Emily (Duncan's 4th yr. student) called yesterday afternoon. They finally got a good bx. sample, and it showed a lymphosarcoma. So the treatment is not much different than what they're doing right now (the rad. tx.), but they add chemo afterwards. They're still waiting to see if it's E or B cells... that can make a difference in the chemo regime. The prognosis is still about the same ~ 12 to 18 months.

Now we just need to decide if we want to put Dunc thru the chemo... from what I've been able to research so far, dogs have similar side effects as humans from it; just not as bad.

(if you want more info on the CA, Google "canine nasal lymphosarcoma")

So we're hanging in there... going over to see him on Friday ~ home Sat or Sun. And one of the SG ladies who lives only 8 miles away is going to try to visit him, too.

Hugs, all ~


Unknown said...

Continued P&PT Bobbie. ((((hugs))))

Geri said...

Prayers for you and Duncan! Hope you are holding up!

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