Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yes, finally an update!!

I need to find a rolling eyes smiley for this!

So I left ya'll on Saturday... Sunday morning, we woke up to a beautiful day ~ brilliant sunshine, but also a fresh snowfall of 3-6 inches! So we dropped Duncan off at the hospital a bit earlier than we planned. I was fine with leaving him, until we'd put him in his kennel,and were walking out the door. He started HOWLING!!!

Now, I've heard this dog scream in pain, and I've heard him whine and moan big time ~ but I have NEVER heard him howl like this!! Heart- rending doesn't EVEN begin to express it! And of course, I lost it completely! Cried for about the first half hour of the trip home.

Got home,and I was once again overwhelmed by the support and kindness of my fellow SGers.

Monday, they drew a phenobarb level ~ it was sub-theraputic. They wanted to up his dose of PB to 15mg AM/30mg PM, but I said NO! I don't want him any more 'stoned' than he has to be, and since he's had no further seizures... Thankfully, Clare and Dr. Fidel were cool with that; otherwise, I would have had to bring out my Mama Bear!!! If he has another seizure, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. It's a "quality of life" issue ~ if he's that stoned, is that a good quality of life? To my view, NO.
OK, enough on that before I get on my soapbox!!! :-)))

Back to my SG buds... so many of them are sending "shrink, shrink, shrink" thoughts ~ that damn tumor doesn't stand a chance!!! And my sweet friend Jen sent me the most wonderful "thinking of you" card ~

Yesterday when we talked with Clare, she said once he comes home, they will wait 2 to 3 weeks before starting the chemo... what a nice break for Dunky!!

So far, Dunc is still doing great ~ minimal sneezing, none of it bloody; no problems walking... lovin' his carrots, and his walks with his Japanese exchange student Joon (who has fallen head over heels in love with him!) I REALLY hope I can get a picture of them together when we pick him up! And of course I will get one with he and Clare and Dr. Fidel!!

And today, Duncan got something VERY special in the mail! One of my SG buddies is from New Zealand; she is here in the states for post-grad work. Kylie had to leave HER sweet baby boy Gizmo at home, because of all the quarantine stuff, so she KNOWS.
Anyway, she had her sister send Duncan a CD of sounds that can only be heard by dogs. It benefits the SPCA there in NZ. And with the CD came a wonderful note from Kylie's Gizmo ~ Yeah, I cried! I can't wait to play the CD for Dunc and see what his reaction is!

Now enough about Dunc, and on to our Samuel J. Cat! I think I mentioned that he'd been off his feed, throwing up a lot... Well, he has been diagnosed with early renal disease. So, he's had a change in diet, and it seems to have worked... no N/V, a bit better appetite...

I don't know I could handle both the babies being ill!!

As always, I am so thankful for my SG family that gives me so much support and laughter... and to all my friends for their love and good thoughts...


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