Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chemo #7...

First of all, Dunc's Phenobarb level came back exactly where it was last time ~ slightly sub-theraputic. I've made the decision to NOT increase his dose right now... it just makes him too 'stoned'. If he starts having more frequent seizures, I'll consider it.

I had kind of expected his CBC #'s to all be low today, as he's been quite lethargic for the last 2-3 days. But, they were all good, so he got chemo #7 this morning (it was the oral dose).

His nose bleeding has almost completely stopped (YAY!!!), though he is still sneezing quite a bit... but I'm concerned about some other things. In the last week, I've seen some personality changes that have me wondering if they are related to the tumor, or just to the chemo drugs.
1. He's been being VERY needy in the evenings when I'm at ScrapCentral ~ whining to be petted, and sitting/standing as close to me as he can get. Very unlike him.
2. He's been trying to eat pieces of bark dust from the flower beds, and old dried leaves when he's out back ~ he's never done that before.
3. He's shown some aggression when I try to shoo him away from #2 ~ he's growled & snapped a bit at me a few times.
4. And physically, he has seemed more ataxic (stumbling) in the last 4-5 days.

I didn't go to the vet with Jim this AM (I'm not feeling well) so Dr. Sandy said I could call her later today with my concerns. (bless her soul!!) I'm still wondering if we should go ahead and take him over for a repeat MRI.


But he still gets excited about his beloved carrots, and his meals, so it's not all bad!

Moving on to other things... I only have 1.5 LO's to do for the perception swap ~ the journaling for one, and just pulling together the last one. I'm so proud of meself!!


kT said...

good for you! i haven't started the swap yet. oops. oh well. I'll get to it eventually. at least it's 8x8s right?

Unknown said...

(((hugs))) for you and Duncan.

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