Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Duncan did great!!!

Duncan was fine with the deadly chemo today, though he almost didn't get it!! While his white blood count was fine, his neutrophils were exactly 3K ~ they should be OVER 3K for chemo. Sandy called Dr. Fidel at WSU, who said that if Dunc was fairly perky, and showing no signs of an infection, she would go ahead with the tx... so we did. We did start him on prophylactic ABX (antibiotics) though, just to be on the safe side.
If anything, he is perkier now than when we took him in this morning!!

The other bad thing about the doxorubicin is that each dose is cumulative; which means he will be more at risk for heart failure with each dose! Fortunately, he only gets it twice more ~ weeks 9 and 25.

He gets a break next week ~ no chemo scheduled ~ Yippee!!!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes, gang ~ and Duncan sends slurps!!!

PS ~ Apologies for repeating meself about the Doxo...


Tara O said...

I am so glad he did okay!!!!! What a trooper. That drug sounds pretty scary though. :(

Auntie Em said...

slurps a plenty from my furries to yours

Geri said...

Poor Dunc! What a little trooper he is! You hang in there, I know this is tough on you ... but he loves you and thats what matters!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Duncan! You are a real trooper, my little doxie friend!
Genghis sends happy meows to you!

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