Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy first day of Spring!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah ~ I know... It's technically March 20th... however, today was the first day we went out and worked in the garden, so for me, that's the first day of spring!!!
We pruned the HT roses, trimmed back the floribunda, stripped old leaves off the perennials...
Also, today was the first day we saw shoots on some of the many bulbs we planted in the front yard circle! Yippee!!! And yes, I took pix!!
Plus, I got about 1/2 the bulbs (that I didn't get planted last fall!) into containers ~ should make for a pretty display here soon!) Most of them were sprouting, despite having spent the winter in our dark garage! Now I just have to find a place for the 30-40 that are left ~

It was an absolutely gorgeous day ~ 55*, clear as a bell, little wind. We had the house all opened up ~ so great after a winter of stale forced hot air!!


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