Friday, March 28, 2008

A long day...

It's been a very long, emotionally/mentally draining day ~

Just before I went to bed, at 0130 this morning, Duncan had a fairly big nose bleed. He ended up spending the night in the laundry room. (no worries ~ it's warm, and he had his small bed in there) Bless his little heart that he neither whined or howled at being left in there!)
He was still a bit drippy this morning, until about 1030, when he had a major bleed... Hustled him out to the patio (in the snow!!!) and got the Epinephrine drops into him. They cleared up the worst of the bleed, so that he was just a bit drippy after that.
In the midst of all this, a realtor calls & wants to come preview the house for a client ~ sure, no problem... (all the while, I'm thinking "Where the hell were you during the 2 realtor's open houses?!?!?!")
He comes, he looks, no prob. Says he might be calling later to bring a client by... fine, sure, whatever. Just let me tend to my baby!
Duncan is still having an occasional bloody drip; Jim gets ready to go to the store. We've pulled down Dunc's big kennel and put him in it, just in case... Jim leaves, and the realtor calls, wanting to bring his client by. Fine, but let her know I can't leave the house; I have to stay near the dog. There is the usual run-around, making sure the house is 'presentable' (i.e. making sure there are no obvious bloodstains to be seen!!!)
Almost 1.5 hours late, they finally show up (at least they did call and say they were running late!). Seemed to me like the lady was interested. (all appendages crossed!!!) I had tried leaving Dunc in his kennel, but he was howling and whining and trying to bite the wire door, so I just plopped him in my lap while they were here... my legs went dead, but he was much happier! (and quieter!)

So ~ no bleeding at all for the last 6 or so hours. But again ~ should we redo the MRI to try and see what the heck is going on??? The bleeding was from his left nostril, opposite where the original tumor was; is there a new tumor???
On the other hand, he seemed a bit perkier this afternoon than he had in days...


Between worrying about him, and about a good friend, I'm wiped out. I'm going to chance keeping him in the bedroom tonight ~ I just HATE the thought of leaving him alone.

My sweet baby boy.

And thus the emotional/mental exhaustion.


Kylie said...

Glad to hear that there are still potential buyers out there!! I'll keep my appendages crossed too. Sorry to hear about your little guy {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

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