Saturday, March 22, 2008

my thankfully unexciting day today...

What I did today...

- was rudely awakened when Jim came in to get Duncan so he could give him his Phenobarb at 0730, so he could have a level drawn at 1130. And of course I couldn't go back to sleep after that... bleah.
- got up and read the paper.
- did 4 X-word puzzles while watching the few shows on Sat. AM HGTV I like any more. Will this awful fascination with people trying to sell their house EVER go away??? YUCK And will HGTV ever be rid of smarmy Aussie show hosts?? Nothing against Aussies ~ they are AWESOME to party with!!! but puh-leeze!!!
- piddled around on the 'puter for a bit. Posted that something I had up for grabs was gone ~ long story there!!! Felt very virtuous in my response!!! (can you tell I'm trying REALLY hard not to gloat here?!?!)
- did a bit of dusting
- cleaned my bathroom, complete with a pumice stone scrubbing of the throne! Wondered why in the hell hadn't we bought a "stone on a stick" before now?!?!?! Yeah, I know ~ TMI!!!
- discovered a new blog by a nurse in KC, MO ~~ FANTASTIC!!! I'm just not ready to share yet...
- watered all the house plants ~ decided the 'Escargot' begonia was toast & put it outside to die a lonely death. Gorgeous plant for a hothouse, but doomed in our 62* house! :-(((
- mourned that Stevie-baby came in second in the polls. Consoled myself that at least he was still alive. Hope springs eternal... and guess what I'm listening to right now?
- filed & buffed my toenails... hey ~ if PW can blog about picking her toes, so can I!!
- gave the Doodle-bug a water-only bath. He needed it ~ he'd been incontinent of urine the night after his seizure, plus his chest hair was matted from his sneezing.And he was such a sweetie about it!! He never tries to climb out of the tub ~ just rests his head on my arm & looks pathetically sad! After about 5 minutes in the water(which was up to his tummy), he just laid down, making it real easy for me!
- watched a documentary about Freddie Mercury ~ I never knew he was Indian! And now I know why so many were voting for him as the best male rock singer ever... (what he did with the Italian soprano was GREAT!) ~ but in the end, Steve-baby is still my guy!!!

And on that note, I'll say good night! RIP as you wanted, Freddie ~

PS ~ wish you all could see Dunc right now ~ he was rolling around on his back like a kookie dog, and ended up right next to the computer desk ~ his ears are all flopped out to either side of his head, front paws in the air, silly smile on his face... How can I help but love him?!?!?!


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