Monday, March 10, 2008

Poor Duncan!!

At 6.30 this morning he had 2 big sneezes... I jumped out of bed and there was blood EVERYWHERE!!! I spent the next hour scrubbing it out of the carpet, off the walls and closet doors, off the bedspread... Later today I have to give him a bath, because its also all in his coat (on his chest and front paws)

Poor little guy!

And he's been very lethargic this morning ~ I'd bet his white count is in the cellar.

But he remains my sweet, loving little baby boy!!

5.29 pm Update ~

Duncan has had 2 more hemorrhages this afternoon. The part that scares me the most is that all the blood is coming from his left nare ~ the side OPPOSITE his original tumor. Could the tumor be spreading?? I talked with Dr. Sandy this afternoon; we're going to call Dr. Fidel(the oncology specialist @ WSU) tomorrow morning. I know they told us to expect some bleeding from his nose; maybe I'm just being paranoid...

So hard to separate 'mom' from nurse... and bless Dr. Sandy's heart! She is endlessly kind and patient with me!!


Amy M. Guimond said...

this doesnt sound good. forrest and i will be thinking about you.

bobbie said...

Thanks, Amy ~ please give Forrest a slurp & and cuddle from Dunc & I!

Auntie Em said...

How's he doing today? And You?

Unknown said...

Poor Duncan! (((hugs))) for you both!

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