Thursday, March 13, 2008

A very scary 24 hours!!

So when I got home from work last night, Jim said Dunc had spent most of the day sleeping, with only a few minor little nose bleeds. Cool. But as the evening went on, he was getting more & more lethargic... and didn't really want to do any walking. I cuddled him on my chest for about 3 1/2 hours, till about 0130, then I carried him to bed. I was crying, fearing we were losing him. At times he was very tachycardic (fast heart rate), and he felt like he had a fever.

This morning, he never stirred when Jim got up (which usually means breakfast), nor did he stir when I got up... VERY unusual!! Finally, he tried to turn around in his bed, but had NO strength in his legs. I carried him out to the kitchen and set him down ~ his legs slid right out from under him. I had Jim call the vet, who blessedly said bring him right in... I just KNEW we were going to lose him then.

Got to the vet ~ normal heart rate and temp. He was still limp as a noodle, not even trying to sniff or look around,and still with no strength in his legs. Vet put a call in to Dr. Fidel, to see if a bit of Prednisone would help. While we were waiting, Dunkie started perking up a bit; drank some water and walked a few shaky steps to it when I moved it away from him. So we put him down on the floor ~ still a bit shaky on his pins, but walking! He even went outside to do wees. Still waiting for call back, I got to talking with Vet; and then it hit me!! I said "When he got the Doxo a week & a half ago, his neutrophils were barely 3 ~ let's check a CBC" (complete blood count)

And BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His neuts were only 1.3 (!!!!!! ~ 3 is VERY low normal); his hemoglobin was only 8.6 (low normal is 12), and his RBC's were only 3.37 (low normal) 5.5)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His platelets were in the cellar, too!

Holy SHIT!!!!! ~ no WONDER he'd been been bleeding, and feeling so puny!!!

So, Dr. Fidel thinks his neuts will spring back on their own.... and we got a dose of Epogen in him (with another due Sat.)for his RBC's, etc.

(for those of you who might be interested, Epogen is usually used in human cancer and renal disease patients to increase their production of RBC's ~ When it first came out, it was considered a wonder drug, and as far as I know, it still is)

So in the space of 18 hours, I've gone from bawling my eyes out (and now I have a lovely, grainy, swollen "eye hangover") to wanting to shout from the rooftops!!

I'm just kicking myself for not thinking of all that when he had the big bleed Monday!! Guess I've been away from 'real' nursing too long!

Duncan is still pretty pooped, but showing a sign or 2 of perkiness every now & then (carrots, anyone?!?!)


Ruth said...

Awe Dunkie, you scared your mommy. Such a brave puppy!! So happy it got figured out & mom can breath again. How's dad doing?

bobbie said...

Dad's OK ~ more worried about me, as usual!!! But bless his heart ~ he didn't try to console me; just held my hand when I needed it!

Kylie said...

I'll take some of those carrots! Glad he's on the mend and that things are looking better.

Unknown said...

How lucky is he to have you Mommy!! Good catch. Hope he's all better soon.

Tara O said...

Glad things are looking so much better and that you figured it out.

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