Saturday, April 5, 2008

and that's the way it goes...

Dunky slept in this morning after I did ~ he didn't get up till 2 hours after I did, so I knew it wasn't going to be a good day.
As soon as he woke up, he started with the reverse sneezing ~ and with that, started a fairly good nosebleed. Whisked him outside (at least it wasn't snowing) and dosed him with the Epi... he stopped bleeding after about half an hour.
And he's been lethargic all day. Whenever he sleeps, you can hear rhonchii in his nose ~ blood? tumor? And even just breathing normally, it sounds like there is some kind of obstruction there. (this has been there off & on for a while, but now it is almost continuous.) Plus, his back legs have been giving out on him more today than ever before...

So I have decided ~ we'll take him in here on Tues. and talk with Dr. Sandy. He is due for the deadly Doxorubicin, but I'm going to hold off... I want to take him back to Pullman for an MRI. Or CT, or whatever.

He DID have a few good moments today ~ rolling around on his back like a kooky dog in his bed at one point. (and I got pix!). But twice when we asked him to come out front with us as we were setting out the blue pots and setting up the fountain, he was VERY slow to respond. And he usually LOVES to be out there with us.

Enough. I'm only making it worse for me'self. Ta for now.

RIP Charlton Heston

Later ~
Re: the polygamist place in Texas

How is this for some official, PC bullshit... (off of CNN)

"Authorities wanted medical backup "in case they're involved in sensitive areas that could escalate into a negative reaction," a law enforcement source said."

Why not just say ~ "We wanted ambulances there for when we shoot up those fucking weirdo assholes for banging little girls!"

Where is a rolling eye smiley when you need one...

Even Later...


Bernanke: Recession Is Possible

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has uttered the “R” word. Responding to a question at today’s Joint Economic Committee hearing, Mr. Bernanke said publicly for the first time that “recession is possible” for the economy this year."

NO FUCKING SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Possible??? How about HERE, assholes!!!

I REALLY need to get a rolling eye smiley!


Martha ~ xpetunia said...

Bobbie, So sorry about Duncan's health issues. Get the MRI ASAP!!! ((((((((((()))))))))))

Auntie Em said...

I was wondering why you so quiet today. Yep, MRI, you'll drive yourself crazy second guessing.

Geri said...

Oh Bobbie, I am so sorry to hear Dunc is under the weather. I was hoping his health issues would be improving.

On a separate note... I was thinking about you the other day ... I spent a lot of time playing in the dirt ... and yes, you are right, I loved it... it was so much fun... now that was the planting side of things... not sure how I'll do at maintaining with the weeding. But still, my flower beds are shaping up nicely!

Tara O said...

I am sorry about Duncan. I was wondering where you are today. Give him a hug from me. :(

bobbie said...

Thanks for the big smile and the giggles, Geri!!

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