Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back from GA...

...where we had an absolute blast!!! It was so great to see Joyce again, and to finally get to meet her sweetheart of a hubby Sheldon, Kylie (the Kiwi)(and her hubby Craig) and Betsie. As Joyce posted on SG ~ Augusta will never be the same!! :-)))

Kylie's first words to me, when she saw who was taking all the pictures, were "You lied to me!!", "I hate you!!", and "Bitch!!" So nice to feel loved...

The Augusta fireworks along the river were spectacular; Craig got some AWESOME pics (I'll post a few later this week).

We checked out the LSS, but we didn't get a single bit of scrapping done ~ we were having too much fun!! Ping-pong lessons, a vegetable primer, close encounters of the freeway kind, and public bathing were all on the agenda... I haven't laughed that much (the side-splitting, eyes-watering, PIMP kind) in AGES!!!
And while I was gone, my dear, sweet husband ordered me EVERYTHING that had been on my wish list at ACOT!!! (for my non-scrappy friends, ACOT is a really great on-line store)

In other news, I had my follow up doc visit today... I've been cleared to start adding fiber back into my diet ~ YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Colonoscopy in about 3 weeks ~ oh, yippy, Skippy! Doc said I had a LOT of pockets, so here's hoping I can keep the 'tics under control with diet!

We took Seamus to the vet yesterday for the last of his shots except the rabies... he's up to 18.3 lbs!!!! (he was 12 a month ago). I knew he had been growing, as I'd had to re-size his collar once already; when I got back from GA, I couldn't believe how big he looked!! He is going to be one REALLY big boy!!!
He's also doing great with his training ~ we had another session with the trainer today. We have lots of new, fun things to work on with him now... including how to ring a bell hung on the back door to let us know he needs to go outside. Cool! Smart little pup!! I'll post some pix later this week.

PS ~ some have been asking me to explain certain things from GA... let me just say that what happens in Georgia stays in Georgia!!! ;-)))


Scrappy said...

Georgia was just too much fun! Nice spending the weekend with you guys!

Auntie Em said...

hehehe yeah let's not give away TOO many of our secrets

Agree with Betz, it was so rewarding to meet you guys! Memories of a lifetime.

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