Sunday, August 17, 2008


I don't want to take anything away from Bolt's athletic performance tonight ~ it was both historic & completely amazing ~

but I SURE hope his coach reads him the riot act and slaps him silly for his B.S. performance at the end of his run.

There is/was NO excuse for his show-boating and braggadocio... And saying "I was only here to win a gold medal" is, to my way of thinking, insulting to the sport... Every athlete, no matter what the venue, should strive to do their ABSOLUTE best.

Head to head comparison...

Phelps winning his eighth ~ a total class act
Bolt winning just the one ~ total asshole



kT said...

yea we were pretty shocked by that when we were watching last night (there was much of me going "come on phelpsy" during the relay. whew. i don't do well with that sort of pressure).

Both being runners (boyfriend and i) we more in shock of how freaking fast Bolt was. But he's a stupid kid. Not a real athlete. He's a stupid kid who's good at something.

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