Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration; By the Time I Get to Phoenix...

Yes, I was a total television slut yesterday, having watched more TV in one day than I normally do in a 3-4 week period!!! It was also only the second time I'd ever watched the swearing-in ceremony (Carter to Reagan was the first, because of the hostages).
I didn't get as teary eyed as I thought I would; and the husband did more than I thought he would.
So pathetic that they made him do the oath again today because of Roberts fouling it up, but I'm glad they did, because you KNOW there would have been the A$$holes out there screaming foul... even though by law, he was Pres. at noon, oath or no. Idiots.

I liked the speech ~ telling us to pull our thumbs out and "get 'er done" as America always has. Who cares if there were no "sound bites" in it? Me thinks America has had too many sound bites and not enough balls (or maybe too many!) for quite some time.

To those who say "too much fuss about him being black", I say back off. Being the first, of COURSE there will be hype/fuss... The time when it doesn't warrant comment will come. Chill.

On to Phoenix...
I'll be going there for a long Super Bowl weekend... both to see my scrappy friend Betz, and also one of my old nursing buddies from "Muck-Muck"!! (long story, don't ask!!!) Arrive Thursday, leave Tuesday... I can't wait!!! And blessings to my dear sweet boss, who is letting me have the time off on such short notice! Luv ya, Julie!
Betz and I will be cheering for the Steelers, and waving our terrible towels. And swilling margaritas!!!

One last thing... my friend DL, who was going to be marching in the inaugural parade, called me from near the Washington Monument yesterday morning. She said the air was ELECTRIC, and that she had never seen anything like the crowds that were present. Thanks, DL, for helping me feel some of that electricity!!!

Thank the universe for good friends...


Scrappy said...

Oh Mother dear, I will be cheering for the Cards even though I fully expect them to get their asses handed to them!

BTW I was very pleased when Obama put a freeze on White House Staff. Still leary and hold true to my libertarian views,but given the economy crisis I respect him more.

bobbie said...

LOL, DD!! I can see it now ~ your kids will be calling 9-1-1 by half-time because we'll be fighting!! :-O

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