Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Pots and other cool stuff ~

Yep ~ you can tell it's spring here in Yuck-berg... we hauled the blue ceramic pots out of the garage and arrayed them out front yesterday! And why is that cause for joyous celebration, you may ask??? Because that means it is getting much warmer (70 today, and lows in the mid 30's).
Yippee Skippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All kinds of other loverly spring stuff is happening, too... The crabapple and twisted cherry trees are going to be bursting into bloom any day now; my bleeding heart plant is all bushed out; there is new growth on all the roses; the lilac bush is covered with buds, and on & on...
LOVE it!
(no comments needed from ye who live in more clement climes!! :-PPP)

As well, we had Ciro come out last week; he and his gang will be here on Friday to take out some of the old plants that just aren't working, and put in new stuff for us. We went out to Cowiche nursery before he came, and got all kinds of ideas. (Cowiche is our local fantabulous nursery) So we'll go out there Thursday and buy what we want (poor Jim!!), and the gang will take care of it all on Friday. Plus, we're having them bring in some fresh bark dust to brighten the beds up a bit.

I had a glorious day today doing some putzing around the yard ~ scrubbed some saucers, potted up a clematis (for outside my bedroom window) and a heavenly scented variegated Basil, painted some drip heads with MM " Waterslide" for easy visibility (scrappy products once more to the rescue!), sprinkled some wildflower seeds in one of the front pots...

Geri ~ I was thinking of you!! ;-)))

Scrapwise, I'm working on pix from when Betz was here last fall ~ lots of good memories! I'll post a LO or two when I'm done.


Auntie Em said...

MAN wish I could come see that! Also wish you could see the orchard and garden this spring, it is beautemous (thanks to Sheldon).

Geri said...

Thinking of you too!!! My fingernails are filled to the tip with dirt... that is a true sign of spring - dirt under the nails! I need to photo mine and send you photos... right now, we are digging up the old beds by the dogwood trees and totally starting from scratch ... I am really excited about this!

bobbie said...

Both of you ~ post some pix!!! I will have some after all the planting Friday ~ probably post them Sat.

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