Saturday, May 30, 2009

She is SOOO going to win!!!

Do you hear the "F*** You" in her voice in this song?!?!

You GO, Susan!!!

Edited 5 minutes later... 2nd????????????????



Joe said...

Hey ... thank you sooo much for the comment on Joe's pens. He is just starting to turn pens and is still learning - I think he is doing an awesome job, but for him to hear someone else compliment his work and call them "A work of art" was truely uplifting for him. He has always loved working with wood - turning is new to him and I think he picked it up like a pro!!!

Geri said...

What an airhead... the sign is was still under Joe's name on that previous post... my bad!
That was me posting as joe. LOL blonde moment (and I'm a readhead)

Auntie Em said...

Ya know, I knew right off that was Geri...

And poor Susan Boyle. I know she is awesome but that type of show really was not geared for her type of talent, nor could they possibly appreciate someone like her. They really did her no favors keeping her on so long. Once the world discovered her and it was clear that she had a future, they should have taken her off the show. I had a feeling this would not end well.

I hope she is doing well and can get her life back.

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