Monday, June 29, 2009


Bailey (not Seamus!) click on photo for a larger view

• Seamus on the left, Bailey on the right!

Bailey is four years old, and is a champion many times over ~ he even got Kathy to the Eukanuba dog show in '07!!! (even thought he didn't win there, it is stiil HUGE to just get there!)
He is very mellow; loves to snuggle, and LOVES to play with water ~ chasing the hose or playing in a kiddie pool...
Of all Kathy's dogs, he and Seamus hit it off the best ~ there seems to be no jealously.

Lots more pix & videos from my w/end in Boise to come...


Bonnie said...

I love the photo of you and the boys-what could be better than being worshipped by two doxies???

bobbie said...

The hubs would shoot me!!

Marlene said...

Both your babies are gorgeous! I had a long hair Doxie Buffy, my little angel passed couple years ago at 14yr..They have such wonderful temperment and are so loyal...thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments I enjoyed checking out your blog! Marlene

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