Friday, August 21, 2009


I haven't felt the need to say that for ages!!! But I am truly glad this week is over ~ Between possible jury duty, busy days at work, and pre-op concerns ~ I am MORE than ready for the weekend!

I did end up having to go in for JD yesterday at 1230. And the first thing they announced to us was the the A/C in the building was broken, and they had no idea when it might be fixed!!! Aaaaaargh! Let me also just mention that Yuck-berg set a record high yst'day of 101*!!!

Any-hoooo ~ first thing they asked was for anyone who had Dr appointments scheduled ~ I was honest and said mine was tentative... "Excused"... :-))))))) So I wasn't needed, but I will still have to call in Sunday pm.

I haven't heard back from the PCP 'bout the PS referral ~ I'll pester them again Monday. Or maybe I won't ~ Tricare doesn't require referrals, so I maybe I'll just call Hauge's office Monday AM me'self!


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