Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Day of Rest ~

We've been packing for just over a week now ~ have we moved yet?!?!

Yesterday, we both took a MUCH needed day of rest ~ we'd spent most all of Thursday emptying the potting soil & plants out of all our pots ~ all 20 or so of them!!!
We were both wiped out; woke up yesterday stiff & sore... So, since we had already planned on taking either Sat. or Sun. off, we changed it around.
We spent the day exhausted ~ watching TV, playing on the 'puters, reading... It was a wonderfully lazy day!!!

I'm going to start packing up ScrapCentral on Monday ~ Wahhhhhh! :-(

It's looking like we will close on this house on the 25th, with the movers starting to do their thing that day; drive over to Eagle on the 26th, and then unload us there on the 27th.



mollie said...

You're doing so well :))

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