Saturday, June 11, 2011


And it's all my own fault...

I've been pushing myself WAY too hard; trying to get as many boxes unpacked as fast as I could. Why do I do this to meself?!?!

But at least I've been sleeping GREAT at night :-)))
And our new soaking tub has been used once than once!

The husband put the final shelves up in the storage room upstairs today, and other than boxes containing finished albums, there is nothing left to unload upstairs...
I've got more storage room than I know what to do with!!!
And yes, I've got pix ~ I'll probably start posting next week.

And speaking of upstairs, I've decided what to call my space up there... "Sea Gypsy's Nest". (tho I'll still use the term "ScrapCentral".
The new name reflects my love of the ocean; my wandering soul/spirit/heart, and my tree top views up there!!!

So far, we've found nothing broken... not even the transparent cloisonne ~ the real test will be the staghorn coral piece and the capiz shell lamp (which won't get opened for a while) Kudo's to our movers!!

Off to treat meself to a wee bit of Grand Marnier, then to bed...

Exhaustedly yours ~


mollie said...

You deserve a holiday now, my friend. Love the name "Sea Gypsy's Nest. Extreme self-care please <3

Bonnie said...

Sounds fabulous, Bobbie-and a soaking tub? sigh.

Luthien Thye said...

hi Bobbie :)
thank you for the visit!! ooo ... you just moved into a new place? i actually really like moving into new spaces ... it's like inspiration all over again :) it gives new positive energies too! do rest tho ... you are never in a rush to put away things ... :)

Something Special said...

I love all your pictures and your Sea Gypsy Nest
is great!

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