Monday, August 22, 2011

Up, Up and Away!!! my beautiful balloon!

bobbie's Bucket List ~

Hot-air balloon ride


And... PRICELESS, because hubby is footing the bill as my birthday present!
Thanks, honey!!

In other news... There's a very good chance that I will be getting to play puppy mid-wife again! My friend K. has bred our Seamus' sister Hannah. We won't know for sure that she's pregnant for another week and a half ~ if she is, she'll be delivering around October 6th. Yippeee!

Expect lots of pix from both events!!


mollie said...

What a glorious bobbieBirthday gift!!!

Lynn Stevens said...

Awe, I'll be watching for them!

I so enjoyed our coffee visit. I've been crazy busy,didn't expect to be back to work so soon.

I'll send you a pm
hugs Lynn

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