Friday, December 16, 2011


Menopause the Musical ~ if you ladies of a certain age ever get the chance to go to this show ~


I laughed until I cried, I hooted & hollered, I tapped my toes...

They've not yet posted their 2012 schedule, so keep your eyes peeled!


WOW! Who knew it would take me so long to get back into it! I sat and stared at pix & a blank page for what felt like forever... and then once I did start on a page, nothing seemed quite right!
Finally I gave myself a quite stern talking to ~ 'Just get the damn page finished!!" ~ and got 'er done. Great page? No. Good enough? You bet!
Second set of pix ~ looking through papers for some that fit, I came upon an old Page Kit from BasicGrey that worked, so easy peasy.

Then I was able to create a 2 page spread on my own ~

VOILA!! My groove hath re-appeared!!!

Yippeeeee!!! Pix to follow...


mollie said...

MTM sounded Marvellous!
So too, is your groove :))

Bonnie said...

Bobbie, a "good enough" page completed is a darn sight better than that perfect masterpiece that never gets done-a lesson all of us scrappers can take to heart.

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