Tuesday, January 17, 2012


M did great with her surgery... In on Tuesday, home on Friday. Not bad for a TKR! We freaked out her home health Physical Therapist... M greeted her at the door without her walker, and walking with almost no limp... The PT didn't believe she was the patient! Then she saw me sitting in the recliner and said, "Ah, YOU must be the patient". Nope ~ M had to show her fresh scar to get her to believe!

I did pretty good at playing nurse... except for one small detail. I got wicked sick on Thursday!! At first I thought it was allergies, but then it didn't get better once I got home. I started my second round of ABX today ~ can you say "sinusitis"???

Yuck & blech.

I DID get to see some old friends while I was there... H (one of my 'second' Moms); the Jungle Fighter and his wife; and Cal (who STILL owes me an album!!)

Worst of all??? I had taken 5 BG card kits with me to work on while there ~ I didn't even finish one of them!!! :( Hard to feel creative when you're either coughing or blowing your brains out...

Here's hoping I'll feel better soon!!!


mollie said...

Great that M did so very well.
Not great that you didn't.
Get well asap <3

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh no, here you go over to help and you end up getting sick, so sorry hun. Hope you feel better soon. Happy to hear your friend did so well!
Glad your back.
Hugs Lynn

Bonnie said...

Glad your friend is doing so well.
Sinusitis is the pits-I know from personal experience. Be a good patient, take your meds, and feel better!

TopazPearleGirl said...

Hope you're feeling better by now!!

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