Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yesterday, we had the first get-together of the Artistic Souls of Eagle since November ~ even though a couple of the gang couldn't make it, we still had a blast! Barb had an adorable little project for us to work on ~ I still have some pieces to add, then I'll post pix.

Hint ~ SteamPunk travel case... ;-)))

This evening, the lovely & talented Laura invited me to another meeting of the Designing Divas next Tuesday ~ Yippee!!!

Seamus' sister Hannah is due on Monday, 27th ~ I got to have a lovely visit with her today!! While not a big as her aunt Izzy was, she's still got a nice big belly ~ when she rolls on her back, you can watch the puppies move and kick!! K has identified 5 heartbeats now, so it looks like I'll win the bet!! (K had originally said 6)

And to top it all off ~ as I was eating dinner last night, I felt a really rough spot on a tooth... I thought I'd lost a filling! Met with my dentist this morning; turns out the old military filling was still there, but I'd cracked off a good chunk of tooth!!!
So Tuesday afternoon he's going to see if we can get away with a filling, or if we'll have to go with a crown (probably)


Off to work on the travel case...


mollie said...

Hurray!! I can comment again!!
This is a beautiliciously fabulous blog. Sending whooooops of joy as well as vibes of speedy-and-non-fat-lip dental treatment :)

bobbie said...


Lynn Stevens said...

Can't wait to see what you created with the steampunk travel case, sounds cool!
hugs Lynn

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