Tuesday, May 15, 2012


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOT Ducky!!!

Mind you ~ this is not definite ~
We are left hanging!!


Lo said...

Horrors.....what are you telling me?

First, have I missed the finale and second, do not ay they have done away with Ducky. I adore him....could do nicely without Mr. Palmer tho.

Ugh....aaaargh. What idiot is running things around her these days? Sob.

Anne said...

Hello! I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...so nice to "meet" you!...Now, about Ducky ~ I was horrified! Was he at the site for Jimmy's wedding, when walking along the shore? (I feel I've missed something) ~ maybe Jimmy will find and revive him? I hope so! It just won't be the same without him ~ my favorite character ~ (next, Abby!)


Sandy said...

Gosh, I am behind a few episodes and now you have me on pins and needles wondering what I have missed! Love this show too. Too bad I don't have tivo, I will have to wait for reruns!

Lynn Stevens said...

I saw that too! oh no!!!

Hope your starting to feel better Bobbie. Sending healing thoughts your way! Thank you for your well wishes
hugs Lynn

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