Saturday, June 2, 2012

YOU KNOW YOU'RE SICK WHEN...’ve got an absolutely adorable 3 month old puppy, and you are too wiped out to even take videos and/or pix of her, much less post them on your blog!!

Ugh ~ no fun having bronchitis AND sinusitis at the same time! I’ve been down for a full 2 weeks, and am only now starting to get back to anywhere near my normal energy levels.  I did, perhaps, a bit too much yesterday, and ended up sleeping for a full 12 hours last night!
What is this “pace yourself” you speak of?!?!

Brighter notes ~

They have FINALLY gotten our side-yards de-sodded and graveled ~ YAY!! That is what kept me so busy yesterday ~ starting on the very beginnings of what will be “My Secret Garden” off my side of the house.  With any luck, there will lots of shabby chic bits, and tons of flowers and veggies to dazzle the eye...

I hope to post some pix of these beginning within the next week ~ please be patient with me!

Next ~ to the Miss Peanut herself...

She is such a joy! Sweet, affectionate, smart and loving!  Of course, that may all change here in about a month, when she turns into a normal, gawky “tween” pupper...  but for now, I’m reveling in her!
She and Seamus are ‘best buds’ ~ he has been so gentle and patient with her! And you should see them in the evening, lying together in the snuggle bed ~ too cute for words!

Some of her current nicknames ~

Pea - nut-i-cus (Seamus is “Moose-i-cus”, so it followed)
Pea- knuckle


mollie said...

Being sick is so miserable :(
(((((bbbbbDD)))))) Get well vibes surrounding you.
Yippeee about your secret garden and love-snuggles to Pea-knuckle <3

Bonnie said...

Bronchitis and Sinusitus together? Wow-now THAT is truly miserable. I hope you're beginning to feel better, so that you can thoroughly enjoy Ms. Peanut!

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