Monday, August 13, 2012


And so the great Olympic Time Suck is over ~ I'm feeling at loose ends this evening without some sports to watch!

Yes ~ I have been an Olympic whore for the last 2 weeks;
I do this every time! How could I NOT watch my beloved women's gymnastics, and who knew fencing & rowing could be so exciting!!

Medals or no ~ I so admire ALL the athletes who come to the games (except the U.S. men's basketball team, for obvious reasons)

My only wish is that I could see true international coverage, instead of just what NBC chose to spoon feed us. So many wonderful human interest stories; so little air time.

My heart goes out to the women from Saudi Arabia ~ they are being called prostitutes (and worse) at home ~ I long for the day certain countries give up their stone age ways ~

Till Sochi ~


June said...

I am wishing I would have been able to tape some of the Olympics. I watched a ton, but really wanted to catch more of it.
Oh boy, do we ever have smokey skies too. In the mornings it's not too bad, but by afternoon and evening it's pretty bad.
It's always great to know you came by Bobbie!!!!

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