Friday, November 9, 2012


I found this on the web the other day ~ but I forgot to note who wrote it. If these are your words, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due ~

"In the days ahead, if you find yourself in a debate with someone over the outcome of the election, don't get sucked in.  Don't succumb to the temptation to hammer your point home.  It never works, and it could damage an important relationship.  Unfortunately, civil discourse appears to have gone the way of the eight track tape.  It seems to have disappeared from print, broadcast and online media.  Don't contribute to the decline of the polite conversation, especially in your homes and with your friends.  Appreciate our similarities, and pray for those who have different views."

Wise words indeed ~


Bonnie said...

Very wise words, indeed. When all is said and done, don't we all want our country to be a good place for all?

Lynn Stevens said...

very wise. I'll just keep my mouth shut! LOL

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