Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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Lo said...

Utterly gorgeous, profound and true.
Thanks, Bobbie.

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful, We had a sunset like that a week or two ago.
See you soon
Hugs Lynn

Art and Sand said...

Oh, my! And now, I realize why I use those words so often in my comments on blogs.

Thank you for sharing the TED talk with me. I have heard of TED, but did not know anything about it.

I just shared it with my husband and will be sharing it with my daughter tomorrow when she comes for a visit. I could easily e-mail her the link, but I want to watch it with her like I did with my husband.

Thanks again.

Art and Sand said...

I was creating a link to this post from a new post I was writing and noticed that my comment did not appear.

I have been thinking about the words "oh, my God" for several days.

It really struck me, because I find that "oh, my!" are often my words in the comment box. And he explained why I react that way.

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