Wednesday, October 30, 2013


     The Diva's meeting last Monday night was all I needed to break the block ~ thank the universe!  Miz D. had a wonderful project for us using old cigar boxes ~ I'm doing mine using the entire G45 "Steampunk Spells" paper line, which I love.

     I've got all the basics done; now comes the fun part of adding all the bits & bobs. Master Tim is also making an appearance, of course. Where would we all be without Tim?!?!  (apologies to PloverChick for stealing her line)

     Alas, my poor autumnal printers tray still sits, but I have faith that after I'm done with my altered cigar box, inspiration for that will bloom anew... maybe even in time for Thanksgiving!!!

{cough, cough; ahem}

      In my other world, we've been enjoying 2 weeks worth of a glorious Indian Summer ~ we were able to keep the house open almost 24 hours a day until just a few days ago.  Joy!!

     I was able to do almost all the garden winterization I needed to; there are just a few bits that still need to be moved into the garage. In fact, it was so warm that a few plants have had a growth spurts lately! Poor things, they will be so disappointed this coming week when we're scheduled for highs in the 40's and lows in the 20s...

Back to my playing...  but first a word of thanks to my Marvelous Mollie, who very rightly 'kicked my butt', and reminded me that despite the block, I was still an artist. Luv you, MMLL ~~~


Art and Sand said...

Where can I see the G45 Steampunk paper?

I went to Tuesday Morning yesterday and bought a ton on 7 Gypsies papers, tools, stamps, etc. - cheap, cheap, cheap. There was a printer's tray for altered cards that I wanted for a long time, but never bought. Now I got it for almost nothing.

mollie said...

<3 Love this blog <3

bobbie said...

This blog loves you, Mollie ~

Lynn Stevens said...

I can't wait to see your cigar box , Where would we be without Mr T? Probably a lot richer in the pocketbook. LOL
Waiting for your photos!
hugs Lynn

Art and Sand said...

I mentioned you and your blog in my post today.

CATHY said...

so glad you got through your block! I don't feel like I get blocked, but then I wonder if I really do and I blame it on lack of time? waiting to see photos of the cigar box - I love G45 paper.

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