Tuesday, April 8, 2014


And how can I tell?

1. Our lawn service showed up to mow for the first time this year today.

2. I've pulled out all our garden art pieces from the garage today: I'll be cleaning off the patio furniture tomorrow.

3. There are a ton of weeds I need to pull up.

4. We've got fresh chives to use!

5. And it is 76 degrees out there ~ Yee-haw!!!

How do you know when it is truly spring where you are?

Blogger ~ I want my damn paragraphs back!!!


mollie said...

Happy Spring to you my dear (((bbbbbDD))) friend :)

Art and Sand said...

How do I know it is spring in my area?

1. it is cold one day and hot the next.

2. the beach is filled with families on spring break

3. it is volleyball season

4. my hydrangea plants are looking good.

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