Tuesday, May 20, 2014

bobbie & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

...which was yesterday.  Long story short ~ I got T-boned on the driver's side of my car by someone with no insurance who ran a red light.

Trip to ER via ambulance...  all Xrays were OK {Thank the universe!} I'm hurting much worse today; very stiff and sore everywhere from the hips up. Left arm is the worst ~ very swollen and painful.  Riding the Ibuprofen train.

My car ~ front end way out of alignment; moderate metal damage to where the front door meets the back of the front panel (just behind the wheel well).

Also thank the universe that it was a small car that hit me (not something SUV-ish), and that we have good insurance.

Drive carefully, folks!


Laurel Stephens said...

Oh my gosh, Bobbie! That is a truly terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad day! I'm so sorry to hear of your accident and injuries. I hope you can enjoy the drugs and get lots of rest and recuperate quickly. I also hope the person with no insurance is cited and fined! Keep us posted about how you're doing, please.

Bonnie said...

That IS a really bad day. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Get lots of rest, take the ibuprofen and whatever else you need to get through this.

Sending you lots of healing thoughts and cyber hugs, sweetie.

bobbie said...

Thank you Laurel and Bonnie ~ I will keep you posted.

Carolyn said...

Hope today is a better one for you, Bobbie. It just takes time and we are all so impatient and want immediate results. I'm so sorry.


Tara O said...

How are you today???? I'm sorry for the bad day but so glad that it was a small car that hit you. Rest!

Unknown said...

Oh no Bobbie - how horrible for you
I know this is not the right time maybe to say it - but how lucky you were ( this could have been a much different story )
Use this time to rest and heal - I know it must be very difficult

bobbie said...

Thank you Carolyn, Tara and Suzan ~

I'll be posting an update (to my original post) here in a bit.

Art and Sand said...

Oh, do take it easy. The shake up from being hit makes you sore - I know!

I hope everything works out with the insurance.

We were at the movies on Monday night ($5 senior's night) and saw the previews for Alexander and the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

bobbie said...

Carol ~ too funny you saw that preview!! I didn't know the book was being made into a movie!

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