Thursday, February 5, 2015


My versions of the Tim Holtz tag for July 2014...  (told ya I was slow!) The first shown is one of the first batch I made; I wasn't really happy with the way my faux sand turned out. But I had a lot of fun making them! There were several techniques that were new to me...
As always, click to biggify ~

On later ones, you can see I embossed the background, and changed how I made the sand. I ended up making a total of 14 of these, and though I enjoyed making them, I was glad when I was done!!

I know exactly which of TH's tag I'm going to try next!



mollie said...

Love Love Love Lots Lots Lots :)
I was one of the very lucky recipients <3

Art and Sand said...

The tag is lovely.

Have you taken a workshop with Tim Holtz? I sat in on one at a show/sale in Anaheim once and it was so much fun.

Carolyn said...

You outdid yourself on both versions of the tags. I love mine!

Lynn Stevens said...

Its so you Girlfriend!!!
I came across those sea things I told you about.
I'll bring them to our next meeting
hugs Lynn

cathy said...

oh how did I miss this post? Ladies - don't be jealous...but I received one of these beautiful tags in the mail : ) and they are even move amazing in person. So much interesting texture and details. Thanks so much Bobbie!

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