Wednesday, November 25, 2015


This Thanksgiving, I am focusing on friends, near & far; new & old ~

I am SO thankful for all the love, support, joy, comfort, giggles and strength you have all given me ~ I am such a lucky lady!

Not all-inclusive, and in no particular order...

My English tea-rose in NZ
My sister-from-another-mister in Canada
My fellow DIVAs
My dear real sister {love you, Leah!}
My ShorebirdFriend
My ATC student who has surpassed her teacher in amazing ways
My fellow Artistic Souls of Eagle
My sweet young friend next door (she brings out my silly)
My all-time favorite ward clerk, who is fighting so valiantly now
My high-school boxer shorts compatriot
(we should have BOTH won the award!)
My new friend from Carolina who is so fun to shop with
My Mareeeee, who once literally saved my life

To all these, thank you ~ I have been so blessed to know you.

Hugs ~


Unknown said...

Oh I'm included !!!!
I'm so grateful for you too girlfriend - I really am - you keep me smiling.........always !
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful
You just might be celebrating it in Canada next year, you know LMHO

mollie said...

Lovely (((((bbbbb)))))
Thank you for being you xox

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