Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Now that I have your attention... ;)

You will see that there is a reason for that title.

I'll be having surgery on my right thumbnail on Monday. I have a condition (inherited from my Mom) called "trumpet nail" {I'll let you Google it}
Mom had it on all 20 digits; it is why I only have 3 toenails left.
Think of it as THE most horrible ingrown nail in the world; then double or triple the pain.

I had my pre-op appointment today and we are all set to go. I will have a large, bulky dressing on it for the first 10 days. Won't be able to get it wet at all.
But no fear... I was told to go to our local farm supply store, and get some artificial insemination (hereafter "AI")gloves (which are shoulder length) to use when I want to shower.

I love it when there are low cost, simple solutions to medical issues!!


Carolyn said...

You will be happy when it is all over and you can revert to normal hand gloves on cold days. No surgery is fun and we wish you a speedy recovery and less pain. 👍🏻

mollie said...

Sending extra-strength vibes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, dear (((((bbbbb))))) You'll be like someone out of Downton Abbey with your long, long gloves, lol! xox

bobbie said...

Great thinking, Mollie! I could decorate them with all kinds of bling!!!
I'll be posting a pic of one tomorrow ~

Art and Sand said...

Hope all goes well!

Unknown said...

Well I really wish I hadn't googled this Bobbie - holy cow that looks painful like hell !!!
Good luck - are they going to remove the nail?
My stomach is going on me here !

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