Sunday, March 20, 2016


I was first introduced to the art of ATC's {Artist Trading Cards} way back in 2006. I loved the concept of these mini works of art (always 2.5 x 3.5 inches) and quickly became enamored of them.
I soon introduced them to an online group of fellow scrapbookers, and the die was cast!
I hostessed MANY swaps and had a blast doing it. It was so wonderful to receive cards from all over the world, and to introduce the art form to others.

I continued to host ATC swaps through the fall of 2011, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I became burned out on the swaps, and let them go.

I did, however, stay in touch with some of my swappers; one in particular.
{Hiya, Tex!!!}
She had been doing swaps ever since, and it has been she who, very gently, has led me back to these tiny joys.

Below are the cards I made for my return to the world of ATCs. Tex's theme was "Artist's Choice", which meant we could do whatever the heck we wanted to with our cards!

I chose to use G45's "Artisan Style" papers to get me going... they are SO delectable!

The card below is based on one of favorite techniques ~ using the alternating strips  as a background, with simple embellies on it...
As always, click to biggify.

One of the beautiful peacocks in the line, and a real trimmed feather to set it off...

Below ~ my 3rd card with the doors shut...

With the doors open...

I have had so much fun going back to this wonderful medium!

And I can never thank Tex enough for all her support, love and encouragement ~
the student has become the teacher to the teacher.


Art and Sand said...

I never got into an ATC swap despite making quite a few. I always thought it would be fun. But now, I just can't handle the fine motor work with my hand.

mollie said...

Oh, (((((bbbbb))))) those cards are SO perfectly exquisite!
What a treat to see you using your creative talent for ATCs again.
Thank you for allowing "Tex" to persuade you to return to them and thank you to "Tex" for knowing you needed to :)

Carolyn said...

GORGEOUS. My favorite is the one with the peacock. You really are a pro at embellishing whether it be an ATC, card or mixed media project. Happy to see you back creating on a regular basis.


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