Monday, February 4, 2019


For our Dec. project, LS introduced us to European "Belsnickels". They are companions of our traditional Santa, but are grumpy! You can Google them, and look at more examples on Ebay.
The amazing thing is that LS hand-made all our figurines from scratch (plaster-of-paris), just from being shown some pictures of the figures ~ she rocks! Then we did all our own painting/decorations; naturally, I chose an ocean theme!
The Belsnickel is 8 in. tall.
Front view ~ as always, click to biggify ~

Rear view ~

Thanks for looking!! And thanks to LS for all her hard work!
And to J for her vision ~


Adam said...

Looks like old man winter.

mollie said...

How completely & perfectly adorable! LOVE him. Love his boots and his shell decorations and his face! You and L S are so cleverly creative xox

Lynn Stevens said...

Awesome, love the sea shells at the bottom.
Only you could come up with a ocean theme belsnickle .
I guess that means you may be keeping him?.
Thanks for the kind words.

Art and Sand said...

He is absolutely precious!!!

jack69 said...

Neat looking character, a grumpy Santa companion, huh? I reckon even Santa need to be toned down some, and the "Belsnickels" help. (smile!)
Sherry & jack, a beautiful day in Florida!

Junkchiccottage said...

I like him. He is very interesting character.

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