Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Loooooooooooooooong day!!!

I woke up to my alarm at 0150 PDT; as I was laying there wondering why the heck I had done such an insane thing as to set my alarm for this god-awful time, Jim poked his head in and said, "Um, bobbie ~ aren't you supposed to be getting up now?" Shit. Damn the man; he's just TOO damn logical!!!

So up I get, let Seamus out, check the mail, then stagger into the shower... UGH. Off to the airport... ...snooooooze... Yuck-berg to Seattle, Rainer looks great, even with the heat haze...
Not too long in Seattle, then on board for the next leg... why on earth did I agree to sitting behind the bulkhead??? But first does have its perks... once again, I am fascinated by the flight screen that gives you altitude, speed, temp outside the plane, and the wonderful maps that show exactly where you are! Lots of turbulence across the middle of the country, but not the worst I've ever been in...

Just a note ~ Jodi, you would get a HUGE kick out of what was going on as we flew over your corner of the world!!!

Longish layover in Atlanta ~ have I mentioned how spoiled I am??? :-)))) They had a lovely Chardonnay!

Flying into Augusta... so much green and so many forests!!

And then there is my Cuz, waiting with a smile and a hug, at the darling Augusta airport. And wonder of wonders, my luggage made it!!! So other than my exhaustion, not a bad day at all!!!

A bit of a mix up as to exactly which Wydham I'm staying at, but it all gets straightened out, and here I am!! A glass of wine in hand, Stevie-baby on the pod, A/C going full blast, and on the net ~ sum total, a good day!!


Amy M. Guimond said...

i didnt even realize that you were going to be in ga too... i am totally jealous now. wishing i was able to go.

maybe i can score an invite for a long weekend in the fall?

Unknown said...

Sooooooo - pics??

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