Thursday, November 13, 2008

Election thoughts...

Yes, I know ~ it has taken me a while! But it WAS a bit overwhelming.

A bit of history ~ the husband and I usually cancel each other out; he voting red, me blue. But this time round was different ~ McCain had voted against some vets benefits (which was weird in and of itself!!), and so Jim was going with Obama.

Election night ~ both Jim and I had said that we WEREN'T going to watch any TV - at all. He was going to pop a movie in; I was going to scrap all night.


We turned the TV on at 1500, and were glued to it for most of the night. No movies were watched, and no scrapping was done. And as all those formerly 'red' states were called for Obama, and as those borderline states began to turn blue... my hopes began to soar. I'd always thought he had a better than average chance, and now the dream was coming true.

At 2000, when CNN called it for Obama, I burst into tears. The tears were for all the hopes, and all the dreams, and all the possibilities... They were for the IMMENSE historical significance of the moment ... They were for all those who had struggled so long to be treated as humans; struggled to be treated as people of equal worth.

But even more than that ~ the tears were for the promise of a new way of looking at things, a new way of doing things, and, most important, a new direction for the United States. One DESPERATELY needed after 8 years under the spell of the Evil Emperor (and megalomaniac) Shrub Jr., and his evil henchman Cheney the Despicable. May they rot in whatever they envision hell to be.

More later...


Craig said...

You left out the part where the foreigner called you so you could explain the difference between the electoral colleges and the popular vote! LOL!

bobbie said...

LOL!!!! Ever get that figured out???

kT said...

yay!!!! whew.

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