Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Rumbles...

I think the 2 peanut butter executives who took the 5th today should be forced to eat their product until they become sick... If they pull through, then send their butts to jail; if they don't ~ oh, well. And failing that, I think they should be charged with first degree murder, as they KNOWINGLY shipped out contaminated product. Scuz-buckets.

More on the psychotic octuplet woman... $50K in debt, and she has the balls to put up a website asking for donations. Please, someone get all 14 kids away from this bitch, and put her in some long term pysch facility ~AFTER sterilizing her!!!

And then there's A.H. (asshole) Limbaugh (the new leader of the Republican party) ~ who said today that the entire economic meltdown was actually precipitated by a conspiracy between George Soros and a cabal of billionaire liberals who deliberately sought to sabotage the world economy in order to get Barack Obama elected.
Ahem... still lovin' those drugs, eh Rushie???

One more thing... Tussinex cough syrup is GOLD!!!


Auntie Em said...

Yay on the PB Execs, the octuplet thing was stupid to me until I discovered the taxpayers would be getting the bill. THAT ticked me off.

And as far as Rush goes, he is only a representative. But something is funny about the timing of it all. Course the Dems started this with the 1995 Housing bill and every one in washington from there on just added more nails to the coffin. Stimulus plan my rear end!!!

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