Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu PSA's... UPDATED 5/1

...from the 70's!!! Here~

New strain now, of course, but a lovely trip down memory lane!
Thanks to Knoxy for finding these...


In our local rag yesterday, they were interviewing some local DAMs.
"In addition to postponing travel and worrying about relatives, they fear the deadly swine flu will damage the image of Mexico and Mexicans here in the US. "It's bad enough the community already thinks we Mexicans bring in gangs and drugs", said XXX. "Now they're going to think we bring this disease that could kill them."

Italics are mine. Enough to gag a maggot, isn't it?


Scrappy said...

and I thought it was a "new" flu! Honestly I am really shocked that AZ was not the first state hit with this. I can't give Logan the regualr flushot because he is allergic to it, does that mean this one to?

bobbie said...

Check with your pediatrician!!

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