Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Civic duty, and a surgery option...

My week in a nutshell... a bit crazy and disheveled!

First off, I'm "on call" for jury duty all this week (and the next); so far they haven't needed me. But I may have to go in tomorrow ~ I have to call again at 1130 to double check.
Summons for jury duty always leave me feeling a bit hypocritical ~ as I'd much rather either stay home, or go to work if I'm needed. But I DO believe our jury system is the best in the world, and that we ALL must participate to keep the system rolling as smoothly as possible. The husband often says that retired military should be exempt from jury duty, as they've already served their country ~ my response to him is that retired military are the PERFECT jurors!!! College educated, trained in logical thinking, with time on their hands...
Having a strong psych background, I know I could easily get out of serving once they started questioning me ~ the question is would I do that??? Who da heck knows?!?!?!

I talked again today with my abd. surgeon ~ asked him if he'd be OK having CH (an awesome plastic surgeon I see all the time at work) do an abdominoplasty at the same time as the resection ~ he said that was OK with him. YAY!!! So now I have to arrange to see CH for a consult/eval to see if he would agree ~ please keep your fingers crossed for that for me!
Why an abdominoplasty? When I dehisced after the hysterectomy, my lower abd. muscles never grew back together as they should. I can do oblique and reg. crunches till I'm blue in the face, but they do me no real good because of the wayward muscles. (I can touch bowel directly thru my skin at one place along my incision!!) And because of my back, it is crucial for me to have good core strength.

Sorry for all the medical lingo, but that's what happening in my world...

PS ~ N. Korea feels it is "owed" bilateral talks because it released some political prisoners?!?!??! Bull fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Release the thousands you hold, and then maybe we'll talk!!!


Auntie Em said...

And the added benefit of a smaller belly!! You'll be too hot for words.

And what she said on SK!!!

bobbie said...

LOL!!! I don't give a damn about being "too hot for words" ~ I just want to be able to strengthen my core!!! (and not look like I'm 7 months preggers!!!)

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