Friday, April 30, 2010

A Double Joy, One Sad day!!!

The first joy ~
I got started on all my spring planting today!! After we worked out, I went to one of our favorite nurseries here in town and started buying plants for all our outside pots... I got as much potting up done as I could before yet ANOTHER of our howling windstorms drove me inside... Despite the wind, I was able to work mostly in my shirtsleeves ~ glorious!!!

The second joy ~
My new computer arrived today!! {picture me turning cartwheels of delight!!} Another MacBook, with the 10.6 OS (Snow Leopard)... It is only now that I realize just how slow & antiquated my old MB was!! And the timing couldn't have been more perfect ~ the old one died not once, but twice today!!

The one sad ~
Was both sad and funny... Today was the day of Eva Maarkvort's streamed memorial service. For those of you not familiar with her, she was a 25 year old woman from Vancouver BC who died a month ago of Cystic Fibrosis, after her body began rejecting her double lung transplant from several years ago. Though I only 'met' her through the Internet, she was one of the most inspiring people ever. She worked tirelessly until the end to raise awareness about CF, and about organ transplantation.

To honor her, I will end with these 2 things...

Please, please, please become an organ donor ~ it is THE most honorable thing you will ever do in your life...

And just this ~ love, LOVE, LOVE.


Bonnie said...

While Eva's death is so sad, it is so amazing that in 25 years she made such a difference in the world.

May she rest in peace, and may her life inspire others to love and to give.

BreathinSteven said...

Eva was so far beyond amazing -- if I live my life with half the passion, love and committment that she had, I will have lived a wonderful life... She's touched so many lives and inspired so many people, including me...

Watching her die was like someone slowly ripping your soul out, yet somehow, at the end of most every post, Eva gently giftwrapped it and handed it back to you... I will never forget her smile.

Love, Steve

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