Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This one is for you, Pammy-kins!

Yes, I've been hibernating...
Now that we are emerging from the VERY deep chill we been locked into for the last week or two ~
Here's what's going on with me...

We've decided to keep the house off the market until the end of Feb. ~ hopefully this spring won't be as atrocious weather-wise as this winter has been! Also, I'm enjoying not having to keep the place immaculate 24/7

Crafty stuff ~ I'm still working on R & C's wedding album (!!!) but I'm up to the wedding ceremony (which should go pretty quickly) ~ bless R for being so patient with me!!

I've enjoyed my break from ATC hosting, but now I'm raring to get started on the next one ~ I'll be starting up the SARK #7 Swap in about a week and a half.

I've also been playing with some little goodies that I can give out as RAK's with Swap #8 ~ but those are top secret!!!

I'm working on the Goddess Leonie's delightful work book (see here) ~ just doing a bit each day ~
And I'm seriously considering signing up for ABC's new Creative Dreams e-course (see here) ~ she does such amazing things!!

Reading ~ just finishing up SARK's newest book ~ "Glad No Matter What" ~ I STRONGLY recommend it, but then I do that for ALL of her books!!!

Hope you all survived the holiday horror-go-round with your sanity intact ~~~

Hugs ~~~

I think I'm fighting off some kind of low-grade bug (haven't been able to regulate my body temp well at all) since the first of the year ~ bleah. But it will go away ~


TopazPearleGirl said...

If it takes to long to finish the wedding album, it can always be an anniversary giftie!
I look forward to our next swap, they are always so much fun. Opening the package always makes me do a happy dance.
I have definately got to get the latest SARK book on hold at the library (if they have it). Susan's books are always so much fun!!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi and thanks for your recent visit! I just posted some preliminary info on my upcoming workshop. More info and pics to follow. Thanks for your interest! Martha, Vintage Trifles

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