Sunday, September 16, 2012


During this last week, I had a wonderful visit from a friend ~ one of my old ScrapGoods buddies. We had stayed in touch since SG's demise, and at last the time was right for her to come for a visit. We had a great time ~ hit ALL the scrap/craft stores in the area, spent a day at the Idaho Birds of Prey/World Peregrine Fund headquarters (fascinating!!), and visiting with another SG alumnus who lives in the area. Much laughter, some (only slightly) off-key singing, tons of talking, and a whole lotta good food! Pix will come later... Come back soon, B!!


mollie said...

Very happy that you had such a great time xox

Lynn Stevens said...

Sounds fabulous, so glad I had a chance to meet her.
I had a fun evening. Vic cracked up when I walked in with my handlebar mush-stash (spelling) LOL
Thank you so much it was so funny!
hugs Lynn

Bonnie said...

I had a blast, Bobbie! I'm so glad that we bumped into Lynn on our mega shopping day, too.

We'll have to do it again!

Decor To Adore said...

I love a good time spent with friends.

Was your sweet Duncan a long haired doxie? I have two short hairs I adore.

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