Sunday, February 24, 2013


First & foremost, big hugs and “Thank You’s” to all of you sweet ladies who sent me sunshine & love after my last post ~ your notes helped make it better!

Along with my DD & ASE meetings, I was also blessed with some gorgeous weather for about 5 days ~ brilliant sunshine, and even a few days where I  could open up the house for some fresh air!!
So yes, I AM feeling much better mentally now! I won’t say my mojo is back 100%, but it is definitely back ~ Yeehaw!

One big help with the mojo was Miss M’s great project for the Divas ~ I’ll have pix for you later, but it’s not quite finished yet, so be patient. It should be done by the end of the week.

The ribs are getting better slowly ~ it’s been just over 5 weeks, and they say healing time is about 6 - 8 weeks. I’m trying very hard to remind myself of something I used to ‘preach’ to my patients; some nonsense about “Being patient with yourself is the hardest part of your recovery”...  Harrummmph! BAH!
Nurse ~ heal thyself!!

So ~ thank you again, my blog friends ~


Carolyn said...

YEA...Bobbie will soon be her "normal" self, smiling and providing us with tidbits of crafting news, vidoes and mostly her friendship. Can't wait to see your Divas project.


Lo said...

So glad you are feeling better in spirit if not in body.....I know it must still hurt to breathe.

Hang i there, dear,

Love, Lo

Lo said...

Bobbie, dear
I just got your email so I am sending a bushel of hugs though.....not till you are healed.

Love you, Lo

Lynn Stevens said...

So glad your doing better. Time does heal all wounds. LOL

No worries your still inmy giveaway Bobbie!
Hugs Lynn

have a graet week

PinkSpazz said...

awwww.... (((bobbie))))

you get hugs from me anytime ya RFB ;)

Bonnie said...

So glad that you're feeling better!
I knew that mojo was just taking a pause to refresh!

mollie said...

Your blog put a big smile on my face my lovely friend. Looking forward to pics. Still sending healing vibes and love <3

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